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Luxe Candles and Crystals

Scented Wax Melts

Scented Wax Melts

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Presenting our exquisite wax melts collection.

Our wax melts are not mass-produced; they are hand-poured with love and care, reflecting the authentic craftsmanship and creativity that Luxe Candles and Crystals is known for. We use a high-quality Australian made, soy wax blend and fragrance oils to ensure a clean, long-lasting, and aromatic burn. Our wax melts exude a divine aroma that will fill your space with warmth and tranquility.

How To Use

Simply unwrap your wax melt bar and snap off 1-2 bars. Place in the top of your burner. Keep the remaining bars wrapped. Once you notice the scent has started to fade in your burner, discard of any wax in the burner and top up with another 1-2 bars. Do not add water to the melts or your burner.

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