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Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

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Introducing our elegant reed diffuser, a chic and subtle addition to any room in your home. Housed in a stunning white cubic-shaped vessel, it's not just a scent diffuser but a piece of décor that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

The diffuser comfortably holds 140ml of fragrance, which is gently dispersed into the air through natural reed diffuser sticks, creating a calming ambience and enveloping your space with a delightful aroma. The natural reed sticks not only diffuse the fragrance effectively but also add a touch of natural beauty to the overall design.

This diffuser is easy to use - simply insert the reed sticks into the vessel and let the scent slowly permeate your space.

Our Reed Diffusers are perfect for placement in any room of your home. From the living room, where guests can be welcomed with a soothing scent, to the bedroom, where the diffuser can create a serene atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. You can even place them in your bathroom or laundry room to mask unwanted odours. Each diffuser measures about 90mm in height and 67mm in width, making them the perfect size to subtly blend into your home décor.

Caring for your Reed Diffuser is easy. Simply flip the reeds every few weeks to refresh the scent. The longevity of the fragrance depends on the frequency of flipping the reeds and the climate in your home, but generally, our diffusers can provide a continuous, calming ambience for up to 4 months.

Experience the magic of aromatherapy right in your own home or office space. Our Reed Diffusers are available in many fragrances and they also make a perfect gift for loved ones, friends or colleagues.

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